Get 15% off all Lego-Compatible figures by using coupon code: iluvminis at checkout.

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Right now, get 15% off all Lego-Compatible figures at by using coupon code: iluvminis at checkout.
They say all good things must come to an end.
Earlier this year we announced that we would be transitioning away from Lego Compatible figures and back into a stronger focus on the Anime and Asian themed products.
Initially, we projected that this would only be the end of Star Wars, Comic, and American Pop Culture Lego Compatible figures, but as supply chain problems have arisen this year due to Covid-19 and changes in the business climate, we are unable to restock our Lego Compatible figures for the foreseeable future.
So shop now at our website to get them while they last.
Thank you so much for your support for the last five years.
All you curious kitties stay around though, we've still got lots of new products coming!

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