Atchi, Cocchi, Socchi's Little Ghost Series - Miniature Collection - Blind Box Series

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This is a brand new, authentic, officially-licensed and sealed-in-box item.
Ships from North Carolina. 

Official miniature figures from the "Atchi, Cocchi, Socchi's Little Ghost Series" "Atchi the Ghost and Chi and Ki the Mouse" from the long-loved children's story series that are loved by a wide range of generations. "Noraneko Bon" and "Ghost Dotch" have been turned into miniature figures.
You can enjoy the world view of the story by combining characters.

*This is a blind box item, you will get one random box enclosing a mystery figure. There's is no guarantee of a complete set with any quantity purchase. 

5 types in total
1. Mr. Atchi, the ghost cook
Atchi lives in the back of a restaurant. A Kuishinbo ghost who becomes a cook and makes delicious food. On top of the silver tray on Atchi's hand, you can put the pancakes and spaghetti that come with Chi and Ki as a set.
(Height 5.8 × Width 4.9 cm)

2. Chi and pancakes
3. Ki and spaghetti
The mischievous mouse twins who live next to Yaneura's Ach room. Chi comes with pancakes and Ki comes with spaghetti. The content is reminiscent of the first manga "Spaghetti ga Tabetayo" published in 1979 and "Obake no Atchi Bread Bread Pancake" published in 2015.
(Height 3.3 × Width 1.9 cm)

4, Odekakebon
A stray cat who is a good friend who sometimes get along with Atchi. This is a cat figure of wearing a backpack.
(Height 5.1 × Width 2.8 cm)

5, Obake no Atchi Shonbori
This is an Atchi figure walking with a blue messenger bag. This is from the illustrations of "Ghost Atchi and Dorara-chan" published in July 2010.
(Height 3.9 x Width 3.2 cm)

☆Lucky Item
A small smiling ghost figure who loves Atchi that Dorara-chan caught in the forest.