Star Wars - TIE Interceptor Starfighter - Landspeeder - BWing - Model Kit

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This is a pre-loved, vintage, authentic, and officially licensed product. 
Ships from North Carolina.

These TIE Interceptor Starfighter and Landspeeder model kits are made of plastic and measure 12 cm.

The TIE Interceptor, also known as the TIE/IN starfighter, was a starfighter used by the Galactic Empire in Star Wars. It was first deployed 16 years after the fall of the Republic. The TIE Interceptor was used during the Battle of Endor.

The Landspeeder is a fictional anti-gravity vehicle used in the Star Wars movies and the expanded universe. They can be used for both military and civilian purposes. Landspeeders are capable of hovering slightly above the ground and traveling at high speeds. 

The B-wing model kit measures 9.5 cm long x 7.5 cm wide. The B-wing is a starfighter in Star Wars.