Japanese Door Curtain (noren) for unique passageways
Japanese Door Curtain (noren) for unique passageways

Japanese Door Curtain (noren) for unique passageways

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Beautifully designed linen noren will grace any doorway in your home to add just the right touch of Japanese elegance.

This particular noren is designed in various dimensions to fit regular doorways as well as odd spaces for kitchens so that you can choose a full door noren (120cm) or a shorter pass- under curtain for decoration.

Noren, or Japanese door curtains, are believed to have first appeared during the Heian period (794-1185).  Noren were used to protect goods that were left outside of shops from sun and elements.  They were quickly adopted to shield entrance ways.  Original noren were very simple colored fabric of any type that was readily available.

Later, elegant designs and lettering would be applied to noren.  Japanese door curtains became a common thing to see in the communities of common folk such as farms, mountain regions, fishing villages, etc   Eventually the simple adornment made its way into mainstream acceptance throughout Kyoto (Japan's Capital at that time).  To this day, Kyoto is the #1 spot for noren design and innovation.  

Now, over a thousand years later, the noren and kimono represent the top textile icons of Japan to the world.

Please check the measurements of the noren against your doorway, most should fit a standard American doorway with a simple tension rod.  The measurements are in metric and approximations of the measurements in Inches has been added for your convenience.