Dragon Ball Z - Vegeta Planet Arlia - Mini Block Figure

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Excellent representation of Vegeta as he originally appeared to viewers on Dragon Ball Z, colors altered by the light frequencies surrounding the planet Arlia.

Our figures are manufactured using high-quality injection molding and are designed to be compatible with popular and similarly branded building bricks.

All of our photos are in-hand products and we fulfill all orders from our home based business in western North Carolina.

Please note that we always seek the best and most current version of characters. While we do try to keep the images updated when major changes occur, there may be some variation in the accessories. Please be aware that a character pictured with a gun may be shipped with a different gun. A character with energy blasts may have a different color of energy blast and a character with handcuff accessories may come with a completely different accessory.

We hope that you can be patient, after all, we're just a husband and wife team and making time to take the images and update them with every figure change in between conventions and other things can sometimes be a challenge.

As always, we seek to provide the best possible experience for you.