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Bodyblock is a member of the Landslide Team. Bodyblock is well-named; he's a massive block of mechanical muscle that's slow in every sense of the word. He seems to be a quintessential dumb lug, making up in strength what he lacks in quickness and brain-power. None of his other attributes (combat skills, firepower, etc...) are too shabby really, but it's his great strength and slowness of mind and body that seem his defining features.

Bodyblock is a redeco of Classics Grindor, transforming into a 1951 Chevrolet Panel truck with oversized "monster" tires.

He has his wheels swapped compared to Grindor, with the wheels with the pegs as the rear wheels and the wheels with the corresponding holes as the front wheels. This matches both his own and Grindor's official stock photos, but contradicts both his and Grindor's instructions. Since it does not affect his functionality or transformation in any way whatsoever, it's unclear whether his wheels are "misassembled" or not.

Originally only available as part of a Kmart exclusive "Mini-Con 12-pack"

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This figure has been checked to be free of defects and has been transformed to ensure joints are good and transformation is smooth.
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