Transformers - Mini-Con Downshift

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Downshift used to be a real jerk. A speed-demon race champion among the Mini-Cons, there was a time when the fact that he wasn't the absolute #1 would have chapped his lugnuts. He's matured since then, however, and has dedicated himself to fighting for Mini-Con freedom rather than personal glory.

However, some lines of that old bad code still linger in his system. Should the Skyboom shield fall into Decepticon hands and remain there for too long, the corrupting influence can affect all three members of the Race Mini-Con Team even after they disengage, and the selfish, boastful, uber-competitive Downshift resurfaces. While the effect is only temporary, it's not something anyone on the Team wants to go through.

Downshift transforms into an Audi R8 TDI LeMans-style race car. He also forms the rear portion of the Skyboom shield with his teammates Dirt Boss and Mirage. He was normally only available as part of the complete Race Mini-Con Team set.

This mold was also used to make Tailslide.
The entire Race Team was made available as individual Tiny Tins releases under the Universe banner. The toys in this release ars identical to the original Armada ones.

The version we are offering here is the 2004 Tiny Tins release, the entire figure fits into the tin for secure storage, or for display the tin features lovely graphics of the toy.

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This figure has been checked to be free of defects and has been transformed to ensure joints are good and transformation is smooth.
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