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Ramjet is a coward, pure and simple. He hides behind the bulk of his colossal partner Tidal Wave, who for some reason remains protective of the little guy. He's an opportunistic weasel who likes to push others into battles he's too chicken to enter himself. He's speedy in the air and pretty persuasive in speech, but those are about his only strengths.

Available only with his larger partner Armada Tidal Wave, Ramjet transforms into a Dassault Rafale fighter jet. As a Mini-Con, he has a "Powerlinx" socket on his vehicle-mode underside which allows him to attach to any toy with a "Powerlinx" style 5 mm post; some toys have special Powerlinx posts that activate/unlock gimmicks when a Mini-Con is attached. He is designed to fold up and fit into the storage elevator of Tidal Wave's aircraft carrier portion.

Despite the deco changes to Tidal Wave in the Takara release of the set, the Japanese version of Ramjet is identical to the Hasbro release.

Ramjet is also the smallest of the Armada Mini-Con molds.

Due to the small size, this Mini-Con is frequently lost or severely damaged.  Many Tidal Wave figures are found selling without their Ramjet companion. 
Not only is this one of the few mini-con pairings that makes sense, but the mini-con in this case is almost to scale with Tidal Wave's Aircraft Carrier mode!

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This figure has been checked to be free of defects and has been transformed to ensure joints are good and transformation is smooth.

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