Transformers - Mini-Con SkyLynx

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Loosely allied with the Decepticons, Sky Lynx and his Sky Attack Mini-Con Team comrades have elected to remain on Earth, creating havoc. Sky Lynx is a professional in every sense of the word, with an uncanny ability to evade most any anti-air defense system and deliver his cargo with deadly precision.

Most anti-air defense systems. The only one that he actually considers a challenge is the Air Defense Team member Thunderblast, who works with the Earth-based Autobots. The two have formed an odd sort of friendship based on mutual respect and admiration for each other's abilities, despite the fact that their jobs are basically to capture or kill the other.

redeco of the Air Military Mini-Con Team member Gunbarrel, Sky Lynx transforms into a military cargo plane of undetermined model. He also has a third "artillery" mode, folding up into a six-barreled cannon. He was sold only in a two-pack with the Autobot-allied Mini-Con Thunderblast.

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This figure has been checked to be free of defects and has been transformed to ensure joints are good and transformation is smooth.

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