Transformers - Mini-Con Suppressor

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Suppressor is no doubt the most powerful member of the Ransack Team. While he's not quite as skillful as Blight or as strong as Brimstone, he matches or outclasses his teammates in nearly all other areas. It wouldn't be surprising if Suppressor is in fact the leader of the team, but this is unconfirmed. If he's not, he probably should be.

Suppressor is a redeco of Classics Firebot, transforming into a "hazmat"-decoed crash-response Oshkosh Striker 1500 truck with twin water-cannons on top.

He was available as part of a K-Mart exclusive Mini-Con 12-pack or a single card-back figure.

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This figure has been checked to be free of defects and has been transformed to ensure joints are good and transformation is smooth.

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