Transformers - Mini-Con Thunderblast

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After centuries of combat, Thunderblast has formed something of an odd relationship with his long-running rival Sky Lynx. As part of the Air Defense Mini-Con Team, Thunderblast specializes in long-range ground-based defense against aerial attacks, and Sky Lynx specializes in long-range aerial attacks. The two have clashed so many times —at long range, naturally— that they've come to respect each other's skills and welcome the challenges the other provides.

Thunderblast often finds himself thinking that under different circumstances, he and Sky Lynx would be fast friends. But he is still the enemy, so Thunderblast will never let down his vigil in the defense of Earth. After all, he would honestly hate to disappoint Sky Lynx by providing any less a challenge.

redeco of Armada Bonecrusher, Thunderblast transforms into a truck with a pressure-launch missile-launcher boom. This launcher becomes his right arm in robot mode. He was normally only available in a 2-pack with Cybertron Sky Lynx.

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