Transformers - Mini-Con Thunderwing

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Thunderwing is a member of the Clear Skies Team, a trio of fliers who roar into action whenever Decepticon energy-mining threatens the ecology of whatever world they're on. He's a hyperactive and triggerhappy fellow who's always itching for adventure... but only the best kind: the one where he's pitted up against impossible odds, yet where he comes out on top anyways! Between fighting Decepticons, he often runs simulations with the help of target-drones to stave off boredom. When that fails, he'll occasionally buzz his teammates, much to their annoyance.

Thunderwing transforms into an F-14 Tomcat swing-wing fighter jet. He was only available as part of the Clear Skies Team, part of the second wave of Classics Mini-Cons, packaged with his teammates Nightscream and Steel Wind.

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