Vintage Polaroid J66 Camera with Case and Accessories

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This camera is a used item. It comes with flash bulbs, roll of film, instruction manuals, and its own leather carrying case.

Please be advised that camera has not been tested. This is a great item for camera collectors, museum displays. and educational research.

The Polaroid J66 is an instant film camera modeled after the Land camera model. An automatic Land camera, this Polaroid 40 series camera combines ease of use and portability into a single device. By using Type 40 roll film, the Polaroid J66 allows users to see the results of their pictures within minutes. Additionally, the roll film is easily reloaded when necessary. The face of this Polaroid 40 series camera is extended outwards on a collapsible frame for use and easy access to controls. Designed to be easily adjustable, this camera allow the users to adapt settings to various situations. The built-in flash also increases the flexibility of the camera. In addition, the film speed selector works in concert with the selenium eye of the camera to help determine the proper length of exposure, while the dark/light adjustor allows the user to make adjustments when the eye alone is not enough. This Polaroid 40 series camera is both convenient and easy to use, making it ideal for capturing candid photos.

Produced from 1961 to 1963, the J66 was made in large numbers probably because it was less expensive than other Polaroid cameras that used the old instant roll films.

The J66 takes only Type 47 Polaroid black-and-white roll film, which along with the other 40-series films was discontinued by the early 1990s. If you search around the Internet, you’ll find that several people have converted their J66s to use regular 120 non-instant film. Heaven knows why, as this camera isn’t particularly well specified. It packs an f/19 plastic meniscus lens mated to a pneumatic rotary shutter that operates from 1/15 to 1/1000 sec. It uses a selenium cell to set exposure; there is no manual exposure control.