Anime Review: Missing Hiromi Tsuru for nearly two years.

Posted by Aishah Alian on

Throwback post from our Facebook page in 2018.
Tomorrow's episode of Dragon Ball Super episode 128 will feature the final recording of Hiromi Tsuru as Bulma. As we all mourned the death of our beloved voice actress Hiromi Tsuru three months ago; this final appearance of Bulma is bittersweet.
In this article, the official statement from Toei Animation via the Official Dragon Ball Super social media accounts, Aya Hisakawa has been confirmed as the new voice for Bulma in future movies and Dragon Ball series.
Aya Hisakawa is well known among the Anime community as Sailor Mercury and Kero from Card Captor Sakura among many other roles. Here at Kitty in the Box, we have a special place in our heart of hearts for her work as Devil Hunter Yohko.
We look forward to Aya Hisakawa's work as Bulma.

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